Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Who Got the Money?

This morning in Albany, the total amount of money going to each of the ten Regional Economic Development Councils was announced. The Capital Region, of which Columbia County is part, will receive a total of $82.8 million. Since then, Gossips ferreted out the document that lists the specific projects being funded, and here are the ones of particular interest to us here in Hudson.

Housing Resources of Columbia County has been awarded $100,000 in Rural Area Revitalization Projects funds for the renovation of this building on State Street.

Hudson Development Corporation (HDC) was awarded $150,000 in Rural Area Revitalization Projects funds to make repairs and improvements to the Hudson Daycare Center at 10 Warren Street.

The Olana Partnership received a $195,000 EPF grant from the Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation to create design documents for the stabilization and restoration of the Main Barn complex at the Olana State Historic Site.

The entire list of grant awards can be accessed here. The awards to projects in Columbia County begin on page 90.

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  1. Very good news for Hudson Valley AgriBusiness as well regarding a food hub within the county, as we certainly need one. Traveling to the Kingston food hub is too far especially for small farms from the eastern portion of the county.