Saturday, December 7, 2013

Hudson's Finest Once-a-Year Day

The day is upon us! From 5 to 8 p.m., it's Winter Walk! To get you prepared for the event, I've asked Ellen Thurston, esteemed doyenne of Winter Walk, for permission to reprint here on Gossips her preview of tonight's festivities from Much to Do About Hudson.

I may be prejudiced, but . . . of course, the Super Pick this week is the 17th Annual Winter Walk, produced and organized by the Hudson Opera House, in cooperation with the City of Hudson and the businesses on Warren Street and beyond. 
Winter Walk is a big open house for the city, the county, and anyone else who wants to come. And come they do! Winter Walk often serves as the basis for inviting out of town guests, and for family parties and reunions of all kinds. Walking is the mandate for the night, from the top of Warren to the bottom, with forays onto Columbia and Front, and the side streets as well.
As Hudson grows and changes, so does Winter Walk. Many residents fondly remember the very first Winter Walk, when there was a dusting of snow crystals in the air. Seventeen years ago, Mayor Rick Scalera played Santa Claus, and the frivolity took place mostly in the 500 and 600 blocks. Now there is action from Eighth Street to Front Street. Talk about growth! More than 20 new businesses have opened on Warren Street and environs since last year’s Winter Walk and five pop-up shops have chosen to join them for Winter Walk and the holiday season.
On the entertainment side, there is a lot to see and do. New this year is ice sculpting in the 300 block, and aerialist Robin Lynch performing in the upstairs performance space at the Opera House. Flamenco guitarist Maria Zemantauski will be playing at Lili & Loo on the corner of Third. Below Third is the popular Eggnog Challenge, with ten eggnogs to sample. At Fifth & Warren, in front of FACE Stockholm, the lovely Santa Lucia celebration takes place on the hour and the half-hour. Live reindeer have been at Winter Walk for a number of years now. They are joined this year by live alpacas (Third & Warren) and miniature horses (Fifth & Warren). You’ll find new costumed characters and entertainment on the street, joining the old favorite, Sax-O-Claus (formerly known as Saxophone Santa), who started his career here in Hudson and is still jazzing it up after all these years. Dance is everywhere, including in the former Register-Star building. The Sternfeld Dance Studio, which started in Hudson and then moved to Greenport, is back in Hudson at 4 Park Place, and presenting The Dancing Doll. The Art Bunny is back, too, at Terenchin, 533 Warren. They just can’t stay away. And neither should you. Don’t let the weather scare you. Just bundle up and walk faster.
Click here for a complete schedule of Winter Walk events.

For fans of the BeLo 3rd Eggnog Challenge, here is the list of locations and the potables to be found at each one:

  • Lili and Loo, 259 Warren Street--Just Say Nog (with or without alcohol)
  • J. Damiani Gallery, 237 Warren Street--Gluhwein (with alcohol)
  • Cafe Le Perche, 230 Warren Street--Maple Bourbon Eggnog (with alcohol)
  • Tanzy's, 223 Warren Street--Blood Orange (with alcohol)
  • Savoia, 214 Warren Street--Sicilian Kissed Eggnog (with alcohol)
  • Verdigris Tea & Chocolate Bar, 135 Warren Street--Chia Vegan Eggnog (without alcohol)
  • Limner Gallery, 123 Warren Street--Organic Eggnog (with or without rum) and Hot Spiced Tea
  • BCB ART, 116 Warren Street--Eggnog (with alcohol) and Hot Mulled Cider
  • DAVIS ORTON GALLERY, 114 Warren Street--Chocolate Eggnog from VICO (with alcohol)
  • COLUMBIA COUNTY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, 1 North Front Street--Local Yokel Eggnog (without alcohol)

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