Thursday, December 12, 2013

See It in a Whole New Light

It's commonly known that It's a Wonderful Life was Frank Capra's personal favorite. It was also, of all the films in which he appeared, James Stewart's favorite. But here's a bit of information not generally known. Dorothy Parker, Dalton Trumbo, and Clifford Odets all worked on the screenplay of It's a Wonderful Life, but their names to do not appear in the credits.

At 9:30 on Saturday morning, December 14, you have the rare opportunity to see this post-World War II American classic on the big screen--in the one theater at Fairview Cinema 3 that's equipped with a new digital projector. Friends of Fairview Cinema 3 invite you to Breakfast and a Movie. For a suggested donation of $25, you can indulge yourself in the heartwarming comfort of homemade coffee cake and coffee while watching the bittersweet tale of George Bailey's struggle against the evil Mr. Potter and with his own unfulfilled aspirations. Revel in the movie's happy ending while helping to bring about another happy ending--buying another digital projector to keep our only locally owned movie house from going dark. 

Click here to send an email to let us know you're coming. (We need to know how much coffee to brew and how much coffee cake to bake.) If you miss this chance, your despair may be so great that you will wish you'd never been born.

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