Thursday, December 5, 2013

Untangling the Power Lines

Adam Clayton has an overview of the sometimes baffling power line expansion looming in our future in today's Register-Star: "PSC plans to hear power line concerns before moving ahead." The article clarifies that expanding the power line is part of Governor Cuomo's proposed "New York Energy Highway." There are four different energy suppliers presenting four different proposals to achieve this. They are New York Transco, a collaboration of transmission owners that includes National Grid; North American Transmission; Boundless Energy; and NextEra. 

Last week, a reader provided the URLs to the proposals from these groups in a comment on Gossips. For our readers' reference, Gossips republishes them as hyperlinks here:

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  1. The 2nd one, North American Transmission, is planned through central New York state.

    The Common Council does have time to draft a letter of support for the proposal to bury all transmission lines beneath the river - and at the same site they currently mar what could be a 19th-century view.

    It wouldn't happen anytime soon, but someday this would be a great boon for the City of Hudson, arguably the capital of American landscape painting.

    But does our council have the wherewithal to get a letter written? Perhaps more to the point, do we?

    In an email Monday, the Executive Director of Development for NextEra wrote the following:

    "With respect to the portion of the project proposed to traverse the Hudson River, we still intend to evaluate both underground/submarine and aerial crossings."