Friday, June 5, 2015

A Bridge Too Far

Arthur Cusano reports today in the Register-Star that concrete barriers have been installed at the Ferry Street bridge to prevent cars and people from crossing the bridge to access the waterfront: "Ferry Street Bridge barricaded." It was hoped that the addition of the concrete barriers meant the elimination of the clutter of barricades and cones on the approach to the bridge, but a walk down to the bridge this morning revealed that this is not the case.

Common Council president Don Moore was recently heard to say that he hoped Columbia County would help out and allocate some of the Department of Transportation funds that come to the county to help repair or replace the Ferry Street bridge. Another article that appeared in the Register-Star today suggests that may be unlikely: "County debt hits record high." Although a casual drive around the back roads of Columbia County may suggest that bridges in the county are more likely to be closed than repaired, the article reports that bridges are in large part responsible for the County's current $37.9 million debt.


  1. County debt reaches record high yet the county has no problem gifting the Ginsbergs hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    go figure

  2. A wide river, restricted by narrow minded "servants."

  3. The County ought to look at itself and pay attention to the report of the ABO.

  4. The Ferry Street bridge could be a (very) small part of a much larger "cliffside cantilever" project, to reclaim a mile of unused Hudson waterfront, from Ferry Street to North Dock.