Sunday, June 7, 2015

In Memoriam

Hudson has lost another great dog: Lulu, the Basenji.

The last time I saw Lulu was in October at the Blessing of the Animals at Christ Church. She was there with her human; I was there with a picture of William, who then, well past sixteen, was too feeble to present himself in the frail flesh to be blessed. Unrelenting rain had forced the animals seeking blessing indoors, and the scene in the Parish Hall, with Lucy and Desi's extended family of Schnauzer pups all reunited for blessing, was bedlam. Ever the diva, Lulu, then almost fifteen, tried to remain aloof and disdainful of the cacophony of barking that surrounded her (Basenjis, of course, do not bark), but her human confided to me, "Lulu must think she has died and gone to hell."

As we human dog partners who write are wont to do, Lulu's human wrote about her often. This post written on the occasion of her fourteenth birthday, on New Year's Eve 2013, is filled with loving memories of the lovely Lulu: "Happy Birthday, Lulu!"  


  1. Oh, so very sorry, Lovely Lulu's human.

  2. Thank you, Carole, and Virginia. Lulu thinks that she is completely deserving of this and every tribute, so I thank you for us both.

  3. Madame Louise Brooks - Ms. Lulu - what a gal. While I have never met you I have loved you through the words of your human Debby. May she write of you often so you can live on in our memories through her words.

  4. Madam Louise Brooks - Ms. Lulu. What a wonderful creature. While I never met you in person I have known you and your escapades through the craft of your person Debby. May she continue to write your stories, so the barkless dog can be heard. And live long in our memories with fondness. I love this story of her blessing. It is very Lulu-esque.