Monday, June 1, 2015

Same Meeting, Different Takeaways

Photo: Enid Futterman
Last Wednesday, on the day after a meeting of the Columbia Economic Development Corporation (CEDC), Sam Pratt reported on his blog that John Reilly, the supervisor from Gallatin and the chair of the Board of Supervisors Economic Development Committee, had denied that his committee wanted the members of the CEDC who were cited in the report from the State Authorities Budget Office to appear before the committee: "Reilly goes rogue, nullifying Committee's vote." The following is from Pratt's post:   
At a meeting this Tuesday of the CEDC, Reilly unexpectedly appeared in the company of County Board of Supervisors chair Pat Grattan. After Grattan sung the recently-stung agency's praises for several minutes, Reilly (to the astonishment of multiple witnesses) then proceeded to deny that any demand or request for the appearance of Crawford, Better and Sherwood was made by his committee.
This morning, Katie Kocijanski reports in the Register-Star that, at the very same meeting, Ken Flood, who among other things is CEDC's executive director, announced that Reilly "has been appointed to the Upstate Revitalization Advisory Council, a subcommittee of the Capital Region Economic Development Council." She also reports that Reilly thanked Grattan for nominating him for the position: "Reilly appointed to regional economic development committee."

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