Monday, June 15, 2015

Respect North Bay

If you find it disturbing that the City of Hudson could move ahead with a plan to direct untreated storm water, washed from the streets of Hudson, into North Bay without fully investigating and understanding the impact this will have, it's not too late to share your concerns.

On April 21, a petition with 416 signatures was presented to the Common Council requesting an environmental impact study. That succeeded in postponing a vote on the resolution to declare the project a Type II action, which requires no environmental review, until June 16--tomorrow night--but the environmental investigation that was supposed to take place in the intervening two months never really did.

The petition is still available for signature. If you haven't already signed it, click here to add your name to the list of people who urge that the Common Council and the City fully understand the impacts of their actions on North Bay and the Hudson River before proceeding with this project.

1 comment:

  1. The petition asked for a full impact statement, but the public was grateful when the Common Council offered a short Environmental Assessment Form (SEAF) instead.

    A Type II exemption from environmental review was first discussed at the March 9 meeting, but when it came time to vote on the exemption on March 17 a postponement was decided due to public protest.

    Tomorrow the council will pick up where it left of on March 17, with nothing gained for either side in three months. The delay achieved nothing.

    Without having to reword the petition, today we're only asking for the completion of the promised SEAF.

    With three months already utterly wasted, why not delay the vote until a Special Meeting can be called to complete the SEAF? That can happen in a week or two.

    We were promised a proper SEAF, as opposed to the obviously compromised one submitted by Delaware Engineering (they wouldn't even sign and date it).

    We're urging the council to do the right thing, by delivering what was already promised.