Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Back to North Bay

Last Wednesday, Gossips reported that there would be a special meeting on June 25--tomorrow night--at which the Common Council would once again take up the resolution to declare the proposed sewer separation project, which would direct untreated storm water runoff into North Bay, a Type II action. Over the weekend, Gossips learned from Council president Don Moore that the meeting could not be scheduled as intended and another date has not been decided on.

Meanwhile, the South Bay Task Force came up with an alternative resolution--one that determines the project to be an Unlisted action and would allow the City to consider the environmental impacts of what's being proposed. The alternative resolution was sent to the members of the Common Council yesterday. As Council president, Moore would be the logical person to present the alternative resolution to the Council, but he demurred. He did, however, advise that the resolution could be presented by three members of the Common Council. There is no word yet if three members of the Council have agreed to do so.


  1. So, a Type II action requires Moore scrutiny than just adding on to an existing (200 year old) system running at 98%?

    So why then, would the council, remove the existing system at North Dock (a 200 year old system running without cost) when rebuilding will be a Type II action resulting in Moore scrutiny, Moore tax and less use?

  2. Only asking for what 521 people were already promised.

    It appears we need it in writing.

  3. Joe, maybe I'm misreading you, but a Type II action actually requires no environmental scrutiny not more (or Moore). An Unlisted action is actually perfect for the project (which will dump a lot more street runoff into the North Bay) since it asks for just enough of an environmental review (filling out a Short Environmental Assessment Form) to know whether in fact all that runoff will have a negative impact on the environment. We're not asking that it be called a Type I action, which would require a full Environmental Impact Statement. Many of us want to get the project going AND protect the Bay. We can do that with the proposed Short EAF Resolution.