Monday, June 8, 2015

Ear to the Ground

A visit to a Common Council Arts, Entertainment & Tourism Committee meeting often yields important information about events soon to happen in Hudson. At every meeting, committee chair Ohrine Stewart (Fourth Ward) reads aloud the applications for mass gathering permits, and that ritual often provides very interesting advance word of what's coming.

At Wednesday's AET meeting, for example, it was revealed that a production company is planning to film a movie in Hudson starting today and continuing through July 2. The movie is called Look Away, and some of the specific locations where they plan to shoot include Basilica Hudson, South Front Street, 527 Warren Street, 609-611 Warren Street, and other sites along Warren and Union streets. It's not known if the mayor approved the application or not, but if he did, look for film crews around the city for the next several weeks. 

Another bit of AET intel is that the Amara Zee is returning to Hudson later this month. The Amara Zee, readers will recall, is the tall ship that arrived unbidden on the Hudson waterfront last August, in exile from its native Canada and hanging out on the Hudson River until its registration could be transferred to the United States. The Amara Zee is scheduled to arrive on June 20, when, coincidentally, everyone will be gathered in Henry Hudson Riverfront Park after the Pride Parade. The Caravan Stage Company, which travels and performs aboard the tall ship, will rehearse for the next three days and give nightly performances (weather permitting) from Wednesday, June 24, through Sunday, June 28.

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