Monday, June 1, 2015

Just Beyond Our Borders

Photo: Columbia County Chamber of Commerce
In the latest episode of the checkered saga of Ginsberg's plan to expand in Ghent, Judge Richard Koweek overturned the Ghent Planning Board's denial of site plan approval for the project. In response, the citizens' group GhentCANN has started an online petition asking the the Ghent Planning Board to appeal Koweek's decision, urging the Ghent Town Board to support the appeal, and calling on Columbia County officials, "in light of the State investigation into conflicts of interest in the Ginsberg project," to institute "meaningful reforms to insure open and fair practices in public funding of local economic development projects." 

This is a project that affects us all. Click here to sign the petition.


  1. I find it difficult to imagine why the Ginsbergs would now want to build there after creating so much hostility and ill will.

  2. last night on the TV news it is revealed that another giant food distribution warehouse of some 175,000 sq. ft. is proposed in Schodack at the intersections of 9 & 20, identity of the company top secret. could it be Ginsberg? could it be that Ginsberg wants to build in Ghent to be sold to the undisclosed firm? that firm can then abandon plans for Schodack. it gets curiouser and curiouser...