Sunday, June 7, 2015

And What About the Senior Center . . .

Photo: Hudson Area Library
The Hudson Area Library recently released news about the progress being made readying its space at the Armory, a.k.a. the Galvan Community Learning Center. This inspired one to wonder about the status of the promised senior center being developed in the officers' hall of the building. On Wednesday, Gossips went to the Common Council Youth & Aging Committee meeting to find out.

The commissioner of aging, Doris Moore, was not present at the meeting, so the question about the status of the senior center was fielded by Tyrone Hedgepeth, the Youth Department's recently appointed recreation program supervisor, who said he had no information but speculated that the major effort at the building was now on completing the renovation of the drill hall for the library. In response to a question about programming for a senior center, beyond the biweekly bingo games and yoga classes now on offer, committee member Tiffany Garriga (Second Ward) mentioned a health and beauty program that, for example, is teaching seniors to make their own soap from natural ingredients.

Garriga and committee chair Alexis Keith (Fourth Ward) explained that they and Moore were soliciting ideas for senior programming and anyone with an idea for an activity or program should present that idea to Garriga, Keith, or Moore.

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