Tuesday, June 2, 2015

We Are Not Alone

On the topic of medical marijuana and the promise it holds for economic renewal, a reader alerted me to this article that appeared yesterday in the New York Times: "Medical Marijuana Feeds Familiar Hopes of Renewal Around New York State." In the entire state, only five licenses to cultivate, manufacture, and dispense medical marijuana will be granted. The New York Times reports that applications are due at the State Health Department this Friday, and the licenses are expected to be granted this summer.


  1. A suitably paranoid title, ha ha!

  2. When living in LA I drove past two medical marijuana dispensers every day. What a joke. Repeated investigations by the LA Times showed the process to get a prescription to be a sham. Those lined up waiting for the dispensary to open looked very down on there luck and on hard times.
    A good source for new tax revenue I suspect.