Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Fate of the Mural

Last week, Gossips reported on the preparation, then underway, for painting a mural on a brick retaining wall at the entrance to Promenade Hill.

The mural was part--albeit a nonessential one--of a plan by Alderman Tiffany Garriga (Second Ward) to get the sprinkler located at that spot, which hasn't been used for at least twenty years, working again. At the time, Gossips raised the question of who had authorized the mural. Promenade Hill is part of a National Register and locally designated historic district. Painting a mural on a previously unpainted wall brick would require, at the very least, some kind of public review and a certificate of appropriateness from the Historic Preservation Commission.

In an exchange of comments that same day on Garriga's Facebook page, captured before the thread was deleted, a similar question was raised: "Did you have the permit required for the project?" Garriga responded: "Under the Mayor's authority."

Curious to know if this was true, Gossips emailed the mayor last Friday and asked him to confirm or deny Garriga's statement. The mayor never responded, but Gossips has since learned he has ordered that the wall be pressure washed to remove the white primer.


  1. Thanks for following up on this Carole.

  2. When the Thomas Cole House advertisement was installed at the Promenade in 2013, the public missed its moment to assert its rightful authority over the park. The park is owned by the Common Council and not "the City."

    As long as we cede our authority to preside over changes to our own park, improvements will depend on the whims of whatever mayor is then sitting in office. And why shouldn't a mayor fill a vacuum?

    Everyone is as confused as ever about the ownership of "Parade Hill" when all you have to do is read the historical plaque at the top of the steps. Our legislature owns it, which is actually quite rare.

  3. Council might want to form a group of 25 - 30 volunteers willing to use their own funds, to promote the use of the peoples park, "to the fullest extent possible."