Thursday, December 17, 2015

"All I Want for Christmas . . . "

It's unlikely that we will be getting snow for Christmas here in Hudson, but the absence of snow is enabling the City to acquire something else: a brand-new garbage truck.

At their regular meeting on Tuesday, the Common Council passed a resolution authorizing the use of funds left over in the 2015 Public Works Department budget to purchase a new garbage truck, an acquisition which will cost not more than $150,000. The language of the resolution indicates that the City's one and only garbage truck is now twelve years old, has been driven more than 66,000 miles, and has cost the City more than $30,000 in maintenance over the past five years. Of the money budgeted for "Snow Removal" in 2015, $57,638 remains unspent, two weeks before year's end. The remainder of the money needed to buy the garbage truck--$92,362--comes from an "unanticipated surplus" in the department's "Personnel Services" accounts.


  1. A reader submitted this comment:

    DPW is certainly fast with acquiring a new vehicle, are there not January sales?
    how about riding around in that new truck installing new pedestrian right of way signs?
    doing it thoughtfully, arm the crew with a level .
    Leo Carlin

  2. 66000 miles on an industrial truck doesn't sound like very much. How about returning the surplus money to the tax payers.

    1. How about lowering the price of City Garbage Bags? 15 dollars for 5 bags is hard on many, especially lower income families. Causes a lot of illegal dumping.