Thursday, December 31, 2015

O Brave New World . . .

The Register-Star reports today that in the month of December there were 360 new applications for pistol permits in Columbia County: "Pistol applications jump after Calif. shooting." The article quotes two women, reportedly from Hudson, who were interviewed outside Walmart in Greenport. The first said, "I think anybody who lives in Hudson should have [a pistol]. Everybody's got their own take on it, but it's our right . . . there's a lot of violence and crime in our town that's not being taken care of." The other said, "If our community government can't protect us, then we have to protect ourselves."


  1. Whether we're armed or unarmed, politicians generally DO prefer peasant-like behavior in constituents (re: a bumper sticker in the photo, even if slightly OT).

    In 2015, that was less of a concern for 1st Ward voters, even in circumstances where the candidates for Alderman ran unopposed. (Lucky for us!)

    My aversion to automatic peasant status was the principal reason I voted for the mayoral candidate I did, and then got what I wanted.

    And I'm very glad to have a council president who knows right from wrong. Speaking as a qualified relativist, that's a welcome change.

  2. What kind of official business was that vehicle on? For real?

    1. I didn't take the picture. I don't know where the picture was taken. I can't answer the question.

    2. The placard in the window indicates this car was being used by a census enumerator in Florida, probably in 2010. They would use their own vehicles and get reimbursed for the mileage.

  3. "we have to protect ourselves" = shot with her own "pistol"