Thursday, December 10, 2015

What Didn't Get Funded

Everyone is celebrating the Hudson projects that were successful in this year's Consolidated Funding Application process, but there is one project whose failure we should all be mourning: the ramp that would have provided universal access to Promenade Hill.

Although most of the people who showed up for a presentation about this grant application last July, just days before it was due, were less than impressed by what was being proposed, primarily because it was impossible to visualize the impact the ramp would have on the entrance to the park, all fervently hoped that the application would be successful. The alternative--a "temporary" ramp for which the City had allocated $20,000--was unthinkable.

But alas, the grant application was not successful, and the Common Council made the commitment back in November 2014 to install, at the entrance to our 220-year-old historic promenade, at the western terminus of our main street, whatever kind of ramp can be had for $20,000.

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