Saturday, December 5, 2015

Winter Walk Window Awards

The opening of Winter Walk is still more than an hour away, but the Hudson Opera House has announced the winners of its annual Winter Walk Window Decorating Contest. The highest award went to the newly restored stained glass window at the First Presbyterian Church. The window, which was restored by Architectural Stained Glass in Great Barrington, will be backlit tonight for the first time for all to enjoy.

Photos by Dan Region
The stained glass window at the First Presbyterian Church received the special "Jackie O. Preservation Award." Another special award, the "Spirit of Hudson Award," went to the windows at Vince Mulford Antiques, 419 Warren Street. 

Also recognized for excellence were the following:

Most TraDish
Dish, 103 Warren Street

Most Elegant Use of Fern
#1 Savoia, 214 Warren Street
#2 Lili and Loo, 259 Warren Street
#3 Verdigris, 135 Warren Street

Most Edible Display
#1 Talbott & Arding, 323 Warren Street
#2 The Bee's Knees, 302 Warren Street

Most Creative Award
The Children in Hélène Lesterlin’s Shadow Puppet Workshop
327 Warren Street

Best New Media Award
RGA, 330 Warren Street

Best Window Painting
Mrs. Zito's First Grade Class at John L. Edwards Primary School
Hudson Police Department
427 Warren Street

The Barbie Holiday Award
John Doe Records, 434 Warren

Best Earl Award
Eustace & Zamus Antiques, 513 Warren

Best Dainty Christmas Award
Matt McGhee, 445 Warren

Best Use of Fauna Award
Gottlieb Gallery, 524 Warren Street

Most Artful Award
Stair Galleries, 549 Warren Street

Biggest Wreath Award
Department of Motor Vehicles
560 Warren Street

Best White Christmas Award
#1 Finch, 613 Warren Street
#2 Pampered Pooch, 226 Warren Street


  1. Stair Galleries deserves the Edgiest Award.

  2. "Spirit of Hudson Award"



  3. I didn't see too many people walking around with bags. I wonder if the small businesses should try and stop this like the parades in Hudson. I'm sure it cost the taxpayers of Hudson a decent penny with all the overtime to get the city ready for a large gathering of what looked like people just walking the streets with lots of barking dogs. Couldn't imagine if a person got hurt walking on those terrible sidewalks or poop covered roadway how much it would cost the store owner or the city then.

    1. Actually my business did very well yesterday. And everyone was in exceptionally hight spirits.I also think its really great exposure for all the businesses in Hudson.
      I wouldn't say the same thing for flag day.
      Bodhi Spa

  4. Such a Wonderful night. The Hudson Opera House did an Amazing job.
    Special Shout Out to Sage Carter. XO