Monday, December 21, 2015

Hamilton Announces Appointments

This afternoon, Mayor-elect Tiffany Martin Hamilton announced the following key appointments. 
  • Lisa Walsh, Mayor's Aide
  • Charlie Suisman, Chief of Staff (pro bono)
  • Ken Dow, City Attorney
  • Amanda Henry, Commissioner of Aging
  • Lisa Kenneally, Zoning Board of Appeals Chair (reappointment)
  • Mitch Khosrova, Assistant City Attorney
  • Ken Hollenbeck, Commissioner of Youth
  • Tim Hutchings, Commissioner of Fire (reappointment)
  • Gail Grandinettit, Cemetery Clerk (reappointment)
  • Tom DePietro, Planning Board Chair
  • Rich Volo, Bingo Inspector
The press release announcing the appointments continues:
The selection of a DPW Commissioner is pending. Hamilton anticipated that appointment to occur in the first half of 2016. For the time being, with many initiatives in planning/infancy stages, Hamilton stressed the importance of working closely with Public Works Superintendent Rob Perry.
Hamilton expressed that she feels confident in the abilities of each of her appointees.  She commented: “I’m so impressed by each person I’ve appointed/reappointed. It is apparent that they are committed to providing excellent service to the citizens of Hudson. I have no doubt that the services provided and the programs offered by each department will broaden under their leadership. As Mayor, my goal is to support each of them however I can to ensure that they are successful in their roles, thereby benefiting everyone.”
For more information on the qualifications or plans of any of the appointees, please email


  1. Wow, a terrific list!

    And does it mean we can finally drop Corporate Counsel and return to "City Attorney"?

    It seemed to me the former got started under Cheryl Roberts. It's probably time to let it go ...