Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Success Has Many Fathers . . .

Yesterday, on a trip around the state to congratulate big winners in the latest round of Regional Economic Development Council grants, Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul stopped at the Hudson Opera House, the recipient of a $1.3 million grant. John Mason and Katie Kocijanski reported on the event in today's Register-Star: "Hochul: Opera house key to Hudson revival."

This morning, a photograph posted on the Hudson Opera House Facebook page, showing the people who gathered to welcome Hochul, called to mind the proverb, "Success has many fathers, while failure is an orphan."

From left to right: Sheena Salvino, Erica Kane, Ellen Thurston, Sarah Sterling, Keith Kanaga, Fayal Greene, Sarah Lipsky, Michael Tucker, William Hallenbeck, Gary Schiro, Kathy Hochul, Rick Scalera, Lauren Scalera, Valerie Balint, Bill Hughes, Daniel Kent, Abdus Miah
Appearing in the picture are, of course, Hochul, Gary Schiro, executive director of the Hudson Opera House, and current Hudson mayor William Hallenbeck. Sheena Salvino, executive director of Hudson Development Corporation, which had a hand in securing the grant, is also there, as is Michael Tucker, interim executive director of Columbia Economic Development Corporation--again the economic development connection. Erica Kane from Assemblymember Didi Barrett's office is there, as are five of the seventeen members of the HOH Board of Directors: Ellen Thurston, Keith Kanaga, Fayal Greene, Sarah Lipsky, and Valerie Balint. It's rumored that there was an effort to get all the Hudson supervisors to attend, and four of the five of them appear in the picture: Sarah Sterling (First Ward), Thurston (Third Ward), Bill Hughes (Fourth Ward), and Rick Scalera (Fifth Ward). But why, one may wonder, of all the current and future members of the Common Council, are only Fourth Ward alderman-elect Lauren Scalera and Second Ward alderman Abdus Miah present? And what's Daniel Kent of the Galvan Foundation doing there?

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  1. Ask and it shall be answered. I wondered about the presence of Daniel Kent, and Rick Scalera provided the answer in an email, which I share here:

    To answer your question, as to why I or Dan Kent was there is that earlier in the day we received notice that if time permitted the Lt Gov and staff wished to tour the new library/senior site. When told Dan actually got on a train to be a tour guide. The building had workers there staying over too. Then at the Opera House we were told that the Lt Gov. Was running tight on time and could not go to the site. Oh well such is the life of busy politicians but needless to say there was disappointment for many.