Thursday, December 3, 2015

Eye on the Senior Center

Back in July, when Bill Hallenbeck kicked off what we now know to be his unsuccessful campaign for re-election, he promised that the senior center at the Armory, a.k.a. the Galvan Community Learning Center, would be open in forty-five days. Since then, the Galvan Foundation, with the full support of Mayor Hallenbeck, exacted $100,000 from the City to "fit up" a building that the City does not own, but five months later, the senior center still hasn't opened. If it's going to happen during Hallenbeck's term in office, it has to happen soon--in the next twenty-eight days.

Meanwhile, there's the issue of what's going to happen at the long-awaited senior center. As always, senior programming was included in Tyrone Hedgepeth's report to the Common Council Youth & Aging Committee last night. Here's what was reported:


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