Thursday, March 2, 2017

BB Guns in School and on the Street

BB gun used in robbery|Photo: HPD 
On February, a thirteen-year-old, armed with a BB gun, held up a convenience store on Warren Street. Today, the Register-Star reports about two students facing year-long academic suspensions for bringing BB guns to school: "Hudson City School District Board of Education holds executive session to discuss suspension appeals." 

Last night at the Common Council Youth & Aging Committee meeting, youth director Nick Zachos announced a little victory in the effort to keep these very realistic looking BB guns out of the hands of kids. As the result of what he described as "a little campaign" initiated in a meeting of parents at the Hudson Youth Center, the Walmart in Greenport, where the BB guns can be purchased for $20, is now displaying them in a locked cabinet, which makes acquiring one at bit more difficult.

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