Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Fifteen Down, Nine to Go

The Register-Star reported this afternoon that Mayor Tiffany Martin Hamilton has announced she does not intend to run for a second term: "Hamilton will not seek reelection."


  1. What is the Mayors salary ? I thought it was K50, but what ever it is its not enough.A 24/7 job, stressful ,thankless, etc. no wounder Tiffany is not running again. The MAYOR NEEDS A COST OF WORKING IN HUDSON INCREASE.

    1. So you're saying Tiffany didn't learn how to feather her nest in the usual ways?

      Did she really need it explained that developing a complex web of personal interests, lining up grants for pals, applying inside knowledge about investment opportunities, and receiving interesting and expensive gifts from these same associates is how Hudson mayors are traditionally compensated?

      If Tiffany was so blind to Hudson's obvious reward system then maybe she didn't deserve to be mayor.

      (For another explanation of this odd behavior, is it possible she wasn't drinking the water at City Hall?)