Sunday, March 26, 2017

Get Ready for What's Ahead

Hudson is losing population, Columbia County is losing population, and upstate New York is losing population, but in the 518 area code region, the demand for phone numbers is making it necessary to introduce a second area code: 838. It will be an area code overlay, which means that those of us who have 518 numbers will keep them, new phone numbers issued will have the 838 area code, and every call within our region will require dialing ten digits--the area code and the seven-digit phone number.

It is advised that we start now to get used to dialing ten numbers whenever we make a call. Beginning on August 19, if you don't add the area code, your call will not be completed and a recorded voice will tell you to hang up and try again. Beginning on September 19, new phone numbers will start being issued with the 838 area code.


  1. Can we assume we have to precede the area code number with a "1", making it eleven numbers we will have to punch.

    1. Actually, no. To further complicate things, you don't have to dial 1 before the area code if you are calling within the region. It's only when you are dialing an area code other than 518 or 838--such as 917--that you need to dial 1.