Friday, March 24, 2017

What's in a Name . . . or Two

Since the announcement yesterday that the Hudson Opera House was retreating from its decision, announced with some fanfare on March 13, to rename the building "Henry Hudson Hall," there have been questions about what the statement actually meant: "We are revising our name to "Hudson Hall" and our branding will retain a reference to our historic Hudson Opera House." What some hoped, Gossips among them, was that the newly restored performance space would be called "Hudson Hall" and the rest of the building would remain the Hudson Opera House.

This morning, Marty Davidson, one of the more vociferous opponents of the name change, asked Gary Schiro, executive director of Hudson Hall at the historic Hudson Opera House, for clarification. Here's what Davidson told Gossips Schiro told him:
The two plaques on either side of the doors leading in that say 1855 HUDSON OPERA HOUSE will remain there, and the letters over the doors which now say HUDSON OPERA HOUSE will be changed to read HUDSON HALL.  The second floor will NOT have any name.


  1. The best response to this nonsense is for the community to simply refuse to buy into the new 'branding.' I'm going to continue calling it the Hudson Opera House, and I expect that most others will also.

  2. all very confusing, and very hudson mixed signals in two directions

  3. In a city that prizes history, as it should, this whole episode is a slap in the face.
    Gary and your board, just keep the name: the Hudson Opera House.

  4. I like "Hudson Hall". It may be called the opera house for a long time by some. That'
    s ok.

  5. Bet a small fortune has already been spent on this new branding and graphics.