Thursday, March 16, 2017

In the Aftermath of Stella

Yesterday afternoon, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced he was sending help to various cities, in the Hudson Valley and elsewhere, in cleaning up the two feet of snow that fell on Tuesday. The governor is quoted, in a report on Hudson Valley News Network, as saying:
We have been redeploying assets now from New York City and Long Island, and we're going to move them to the areas where we need the most help. Binghamton needs help in Broome County. We have Utica and Rome, and Poughkeepsie and Beacon are going to be our priority areas. For Poughkeepsie and Beacon, we're going to redeploy an additional 100 National Guard and an additional 100 pieces of equipment to help in Poughkeepsie and Beacon.
Meanwhile, here in Hudson, after a snowstorm for the record books, the Department of Public Works is going it alone to clear the streets, and social media—and not-so-social mediais teeming with complaints, outrage, and indignation from people inconvenienced by snow still in the streets less than thirty-six hours after the snow stopped.


  1. Late last night, the HPD did a great job investigating a break-in (in a series of break-ins) in the 1st Ward.

    The officers had to struggle through very deep snow, but they never complained. Not a peep.

    Perhaps they learned at the Academy that Hudson is at 42ยบ latitude, but it's possible they knew it already.

  2. My cats blame me; that doesn't mean it's my fault. We would all do well to calm down and ponder, "where are the snows of yesteryear?"