Tuesday, March 14, 2017

You Can't Please All of the People . . .

There hasn't been much response on Gossips to the news that the Hudson Opera House was changing its name to Henry Hudson Hall, but on imby, Enid Futterman gives the re-branding a very bad review: "Hudson Opera House is NOT now Henry Hudson Hall."

Photo: Robert Umenhofter


  1. since the massive effort has inspired so many to donate and help in the restoration, i think that the name may be a mistake.

    an easy solution ---


    with the upstairs called HENRY HUDSON HALL

    would better honor those who have done so much to rebuild.

    i am not sure why the name was changed, but you do have decades of recognition, why throw it out ? combine it somehow.

  2. Oh my.
    City Hall.
    Treasurer's Office.
    Police Station.
    Moose Club.
    Pigeon Hole.
    Hudson Opera House.
    Henry Hudson Hall.
    Sorry, forgot about the Bank.

    Well Henry Hudson Hall could be improved by adding a Historical Wing/Room to include the History of Hudson from Henry, please not Hendrick,
    Hudson to recent times.
    Please no caricatures of Henry, just the factual images of the Half Moon.
    You might consider inviting the Former Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands and adding a true Sister City for Hudson, that is one located in the Netherlands.
    Hey kids, if this Hudsonian can accept a FEW changes over the last +50 years, I'm hoping you may too.

  3. I suggest a name that accurately reflects the diverse events for which the space is designed -- either "The Hudson Performing Arts Center" or "The Columbia County Performing Arts Center."

  4. I like the solution proposed by J Kay above. Let the building be known as the Opera House, with the concert / theatre space upstairs called "Henry Hudson Hall."

    I have a bit of a problem with the new logo. It's a clean, bland modernist design that doesn't suggest any of the historic aspect of a building constructed in the 1850's.

  5. J Kay got it right. Henry Hudson Hall at the Hudson Opera House

  6. I'm totally in agreement with Enid. That's it

  7. Hudson Opera House with Henry Hudson Hall upstairs. Web pages, google searches should have these two be interchangeable so that no one misses the wonderful programs offered.

  8. Hudson Opera House featuring Henry Hudson Hall. Let's not confuse those who know it as the HOH...but be sure it is linked in all searches and references to be sure NO ONE misses the wonderful offerings at the venue.