Thursday, March 30, 2017

More About Tuesday's Planning Board Meeting

Rosa Acheson has a report about Tuesday's Greenport Planning Board meeting in today's Register-Star: "Proposed haul road advances." The report includes a statement from the mayor's office about a private meeting held on March 1 that involved Mayor Tiffany Martin Hamilton, mayor's aide Lisa Walsh, code enforcement officer Craig Haigh, city attorneys Ken Dow and Mitch Khosrova, Colarusso officers Paul Colarusso, Bob Colarusso, and JR Heffner, and Colarusso attorney John Privitera. 

When asked about the meeting at the Hudson Planning Board on March 9, Khosrova said it was about the "relationship between the City and Colarusso." He spoke of "public statements and acrimony" and "stuff in the papers" and said it was thought that "getting the parties together would be useful." The Register-Star reports the following about the private meeting.
The city called the meeting to straighten out notions that Colarusso was getting misinformation about Hudson's intentions regarding their business, according to the mayor's office.
At the meeting, Colarusso disagreed with the violation charge regarding the bulkhead replacement, according to the mayor's office.


  1. Good catch, Gossips.

    So the participants of the meeting DID discuss issues which ought to have involved the City's Zoning Board of Appeals and Planning Board.

    But because no members of either Board were present, and because their legal advisor should not be deciding anything without his clients present, we must assume that the company "disagreed" but that the City officials present gave no reply.

    Yes, of course that's what happened.

  2. What side of the ROAD is out Mayor on ?
    To many player in this game to follow. We should have a notice board with listing all involved and their connection to each other.