Monday, March 12, 2018

Bliss Towers: Point-Counterpoint

After Gossips published "No Bliss at Bliss" yesterday, Alan Weaver, who chairs the Hudson Housing Authority board of commissioners, contacted me to refute the information provided by Alderman Tiffany Garriga (Second Ward) about the condition of Bliss Towers. Weaver provided evidence, a detail of which is reproduced below, that on a Public Housing Assessment System Score Report, published at the end of 2017, the building had scored 73 out of 100. "Not a great score," Weaver admitted, "but we're working on it."

On this assessment, the physical condition of the building--where the score was 22 out of a possible 40--appears to be only one of the categories.  

Weaver went on to state: "All 'Health and Safety' issues from the internal inspection report have been addressed and corrected but there is still much work to be done after 20+ years of neglect." He pointed out that Channel 6 News had reported on the building last Friday, presumably to counter the report done by Spectrum News at the behest of Garriga: "Housing complex called out for 'deplorable conditions' seeing improvements."

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