Thursday, March 15, 2018

DRI Watch: What Was Adopted by the LPC

The list of projects to be included in the draft DRI Investment Plan, which has been adopted by the Local Planning Committee, can now be viewed here. The same thirty projects are still on the list, but the three projects proposed by the Galvan Foundation previously among those recommended for DRI funding--the Robert Taylor House, 22-24 Warren Street, and the Salvation Army kitchen--are no longer being recommended for funding, although they remain in the investment plan.

The Galvan Foundation originally submitted five project proposals, the fourth and fifth being 59 Allen Street and 260 Warren Street. The latter was eliminated early on, because it was not in the BRIDGE District. In the list presented to the LPC on March 1, 59 Allen Street, which was to be restored as a B&B, was recommended to remain in the investment plan but not to receive DRI funding. Now, the three other Galvan projects have joined 59 Allen Street in that category.

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