Thursday, March 8, 2018

DRI Watch: Circumventing the DOS Press Office

The Department of State press office did eventually get back to me late this afternoon, with exactly the same message sent to Seth Rogovoy of Rogovoy Report. Not long after, I managed to get the latest news from a few members of the DRI Local Planning Committee willing to leak it to Gossips

The LPC did vote on the list of projects on Monday, but the results of that vote are not known. What is known is that the members of the LPC are now being asked to vote again, yes or no, on a new list of projects, which is exactly the same as the previous list of projects except all the Galvan proposals have been eliminated. The votes from members of the LPC are due in tomorrow, Friday, March 9. This will be the "final vote" referenced in the message from the DOS director of communications.

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