Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Update: Fences Along the Hudson

Gossips has learned that the public comment period for Amtrak's proposal to install fencing at various sites along the Hudson River between Rhinebeck and Stuyvesant has been extended. The new deadline for submitting comments to May 1.



  1. Germantown has an excellent claim and a fighting chance. It will all come down to the language and coordinates provided in a series of very old deeds and a large Legislative grant of underwater lands in 1882. Even the railroad maps seem to concur, so I'm cautiously optimistic that Germantown will retain its right of access to these non-railroad properties.

    In the City of Hudson, if and when Amtrak decides to close off the access road it shares with Colarusso Ventures (there's a right of way deed), we'll have to do something very like what Germantown is doing now by establishing the public's ongoing right of access through the chain of ownership. To do this, start with Liber 559, p. 533, then go to Liber 453, p. 16.

  2. while the fencing which Amtrak is proposing is well south of Hudson, anyone who cares about access to the river and the aesthetics of the shore along the Hudson (including our city) should take the time to send a comment in and say NO to this. If it goes forth in Stuyvesant, it may well be Hudson and beyond next.
    No fences. The river is for all. Amtrak does not own the river.