Wednesday, March 21, 2018

More Housing Units to Come from Galvan

Today's Register-Star features on article proclaiming that the Galvan Foundation has upped the number of housing units promised from 20 to 25, a number cited by Jason O'Toole in May 2017, to 29: "Galvan Foundation announces affordable housing initiative." These new affordable dwelling units will be located in ten properties owned by Galvan. The following gallery shows which properties they are:

356 Union Street

340 State Street

105 Union Street

357 Union Street

229 Union Street

69 North Seventh Street

335-337 Allen Street

Ten down and thirty or so more to go.

Erratum: Since publishing this post, I heard from Dan Kent, vice president of initiatives for the Galvan Foundation, who informed me that Galvan currently owns only twenty "stabilized uninhabitable vacant buildings which are in predevelopment" not "thirty or so," which was my count.


  1. I assume that the 29 figure referred to the number of housing units (apartments), not the number of individual buildings or legal parcels. The ten building displayed presumably contain more than 10 units.

  2. These are still press release numbers. Let's see the happy people in their happy apartments.

  3. Thank you for following this. I would question the use of "uninhabitable" by Galvan. If they haven't maintained/repaired them, that may be why they are "uninhabitale."