Friday, March 23, 2018

How It Came to Be

Some of us have felt a little blindsided by the new roadway that emerges from Hudson High School, at an acute angle from Harry Howard Avenue, right on the border of Hudson and Greenport.

The creation of this driveway/two-lane road at the intersection of Harry Howard Avenue (in Hudson) and Joslen Boulevard (in Greenport), transforming that intersection from a three-way stop to a four-way stop, seems as if it should have come before the Hudson Planning Board or the Greenport Planning Board or probably both, but it didn't. 

Today, it was learned, from the HCSD Capital Project Newsletter, that this "new traffic pattern" was enabled, apparently without any traffic studies or public process, by "a signed letter of approval from the Town of Greenport Highway Department in January 2017 that granted permission for the district to build a new driveway in this location."

And then, of course, there's that solar farm.



  1. I just drove passed the high school entrance today and muttered aloud, "What genius approved THAT?"

    And just like that I already know who was so incredibly stupid. Thanks.

  2. Probably the same genius who narrowed up that whole intersection.They really screwed that intersection up when they narrowed it a few years back!

  3. Perfect intersection for a traffic circle.

  4. The district never approached the town board, either by letter or by any other means of official contact, to broach the proposal. Our Highway Superintendent did not speak to the town board about this " disaster ", or give a heads up. I believe his approval was not done purposely under the radar, but that was not how government should operate.