Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Well, That Should Do It

The Register-Star reports today that Congressman John Faso has written a letter to Ben Carson informing him of the unacceptable living conditions in Bliss Towers and calling for a face-to-face meeting with Carson to begin a conversation about addressing the problem: "Faso calls on feds to fix Bliss Towers." According to the New York Times, Carson, who made news recently for spending $31,000 on dining room furniture for his office and then trying to cancel the order when the chairman of the House Oversight Committee announced an investigation, finds running the Department of Housing and Urban Development harder than brain surgery. 


  1. Thanks to Cong. Faso for raising the deplorable conditions at Bliss with HUD. This is one reason why the Bliss renovation should be the number 1 DRI project.

  2. Hey, Bliss Tower could become affordable housing for artists who are displaced by GALVANs hoarding of Hudsons properties !