Thursday, March 1, 2018

Meeting Reminder

Tonight at 6 p.m., at John L. Edwards Primary School, the DRI Local Planning Committee holds its final meeting. "Key elements of the draft plan" will be presented to the LPC at this meeting. The draft Hudson DRI Investment Plan will be submitted to the Department of State on Monday, March 5. To review the twenty-five projects recommended for inclusion in the Investment Plan--twenty-two with DRI funding, three without--click here. The meeting is not meant for public engagement or comment, but the public may attend and observe. 


  1. According to the DRI website, "If you would like to submit additional comments about the projects, please send your comments directly to Project Manager, Steve Kearney. He can be reached via email at" But I don't see a date when comments will no longer be entertained.

  2. smells like urban renewal all over again
    even has the familiar carton sketches of just how grand it all will be