Saturday, March 23, 2019

A Missed Opportunity?

Joey and I were in the cemetery this morning, checking up on the return of the Canada geese. On Thursday, as reported, there were two. This morning, there were six, swimming in the pond.

Then, as we watched, a seventh goose arrived, with no mate.

The seventh goose seemed not to be welcomed by the others, but I missed getting a picture of one of the six honking and snapping and trying to drive the seventh goose away. In the picture above the seventh goose is swimming far away from the others.

One has to wonder if it may already be too late to try to drive the geese away from the pond.


  1. It's too late when there are eggs, but it's wise to put off any nesting potential as soon as possible.

    Surely the DEC offers guidelines. What is the CAC's opinion?

  2. The geese that return each year do indeed make a mess in the area of the pond. The geese and other wildlife are only doing what comes natural to them. The problem comes from the "two legged" variety that despite posted signage continue to feed the waterfowl. This practice just encourages them to stay past their breeding season and is actually very unhealthy for them. Just yesterday we witnessed an adult standing with in three feet of the DO NOT FEED signs throwing bread at the geese. Despite the City of Hudson posting signage to discontinue this act people continue to disregard the rules. Hoping that they will read the attached statement from the DEC.

  3. Carole -- just let Joey off leash when near the pond. After a week or two of harassment maybe they'll find another pond far away.