Monday, March 4, 2019

Change at City Hall

Earlier today, Mayor Rick made this announcement:
Branda Maholtz has resigned the position of Mayor's Aide in order to pursue a move to Colorado later this spring. I wish her the very best and am extremely grateful for her service and assistance this past year.
Don Moore has been appointed as Mayor's Aide.
Don has graciously agreed to fill in on an interim basis for this role, and I am extremely appreciative of him for this. Don brings experience in dealing with many aspects of City Hall via this three terms as president of the Common Council in addition to serving on the HDC and generally attending most city meetings.
Please join me in wishing them both great success.


  1. That's the 2nd biggest mistake Rick has made.

  2. Best of luck Branda. Through many tests you were a credit to the role of assistant. For that I'm personally grateful.

  3. Was strange to me that Rick didn't mention his aide at the forum he held last week. Praised everyone else at City Hall, yet nothing about Branda and she was sitting in the front row. Now this. Surely he knew of her pending departure at the forum -- why no mention of it?