Sunday, March 10, 2019

The Race for Common Council President

On Monday, First Ward alderman Rob Bujan announced his intention to run for Common Council president, challenging incumbent Tom DePietro. Sometime after that, Bujan sat down with Roger Hannigan Gilson of The Other Hudson Valley to discuss issues facing the city--namely, tourism, affordable housing, Airbnbs, and how to communicate more effectively with city residents. Gilson reports on that interview today: "Rob Bujan, Running to Lead Common Council, Lays Out Plans." 


  1. Rob would make a excellent Coucil President . Not like the previous president banging the gavel from his BULLY PULPIT, when he didn't want to hear or listen to and from the public.

  2. I want to take the opportunity to comment on what Rob says about the Tourism Board here.

    When I say that urban design is the only form of marketing the City needs, I am challenging how the Tourism Board has defined marketing, not the law.

    I am not anti-marketing.

    I am anti-marketing that is defined as a logo plus a communications and social media strategy.

    Yet, this is the path it appears that the Tourism Board has been taking.

    There may come a day when this is prudent, but I don't think it's now.

I believe there are ways the Tourism Board could abide by the law and have “the money to go into the city.”

    I think it both prudent and forward-thinking to consider defining marketing as investments that, to quote the Mayor, “enhance the experience of the City for residents and visitors.”