Sunday, March 17, 2019

The "Deconstruction" Continues

This was the sad state of the original Hudson Orphan Asylum yesterday, on Saturday, March 16.



  1. This building could easily have been saved. It takes determination, and yes, money, but it should never have been allowed to deteriorate to this state. Galvan destroys through neglect, and petty fines are not enough to stop him.

  2. I was informed (perhaps in error) that this location is not in the Historic Preservation area. Does that mean any structure outside the district is up for grabs for demolition? I count myself among many Hudson residents and visitors who are saddened that this bldg was allow to deteriorate to the condition it needed to be demolished. Are the bricks being repurposed? So many questions.

    1. It actually is in the locally designated historic district, but if a building is determined to be a threat to public safety, as this one was, there is no way historic designation can prevent it being "deconstructed." Presumably, the bricks are being salvaged. Dan Kent from Galvan said in a statement: "We are committed to constructing a new building paying homage to the old building in the same location, using the bricks and materials recovered from the original. This project honors the legacy of this important historic orphanage building while ensuring public safety." IMO they could better have "honored the legacy of this important historic orphanage building" by not owning it for thirteen years without doing anything to stabilize beyond putting a new roof on it that some feel may have made things worse not better.

    2. Has anyone seen the engineering evidence that Galvan claimed lead to the demolition? Did Galvan not do any engineering investigation before he purchased the building? Who deemed it "a threat to public safety"?