Thursday, March 7, 2019

Afterword: 620 State Street

Gossips just received the following statement from Dan Kent, vice president for initiatives at the Galvan Foundation:
We are saddened to announce the need to deconstruct our building at 620 State Street in Hudson because of public safety concerns. We began taking down the building today.
Before making this difficult decision we commissioned extensive reviews from engineers to confirm the building cannot be saved. The engineers concluded that the building is unable to be rehabilitated without posing extensive risks to construction workers and the general public. Unfortunately, the structural issues are beyond repair despite our significant investments in stabilizing the building.
We are committed to constructing a new building paying homage to the old building in the same location, using the bricks and materials recovered from the original. This project honors the legacy of this important historic orphanage building while ensuring public safety.
Gossips is reminded of 900 Columbia Street, which Galvan acquired with the promise of moving it to the 200 block of Union Street. Instead, it was "deconstructed," and a new building was constructed with some of the salvaged materials.



  1. I'd like to see those "extensive reviews" by his engineers.

  2. How very convenient. He simply wants to eliminate the orphanage so he can use the site to expand his empire takeover of N 7th Street; then connect all of the buildings he will put up on that block after having purchasing the majority of the real estate on the block of N 7th Street. Why is there no historic designation for buildings on the North side? So much has been torn down due to this neglectful oversight of the historical buildings that fall into this area. What say you City of Hudson? Going to allow the North side to be destroyed due to protecting only the buildings you consider "worthy" on the South side?

  3. The "neglectful oversight" of this building began many, many years before Galloway's ownership and pipe dream of converting it to SRO's. I think if the truth were told, it could not have been saved even at that time, and if his proposal had been approved, the building would have ended up demolished anyway. That is, the idea of saving this historic structure was just so much window dressing, a fairy tale means to an end for Galvan. Just like 900 Columbia.

  4. He wrote "deconstruct" instead of "demolish".....who does he think he's fooling?

  5. Perhaps Hudson would be acceptable to Galvan putting up a plaque with a picture of every historic site they destroy.

    Reminders of what this town once looked like and why citizens came ... and left.

  6. Today I drove to N7th and State streets to take a few photos of Galvan's bldg before it is gone forever.
    I parked on State St by the other Galvan brick bldg aka Upper Station.
    I was immediately verbally attacked by a possible Galvan an employee who was driving a large white pickup truck and parked in the lot of the upper station.
    He told me that I must move my car and am not allowed to park on the street.
    I stated I could no yellow curb nor any no parking signs.
    Well he threatened me and started driving his truck to ram my car.
    Could this man be an employee of Galvan and if yes why was I threatened?

    1. Hey, Tom--Another reader encountered the same kind of hostility when he was trying to take pictures of 900 Columbia in the late stages of demolition. He (the Gossips reader) took a picture of the angry guy calling the police to report him. If you send me an'll send you the picture, and you can tell me if it's the same man you encountered today.

    2. tmdonofrio, terrible situation that they should not be allowed to get away with, especially if it is an employee or contractor working for Galvan. If you go back, and that person is there, take a photo of his face, his truck and license plate and file a written report about harassment and threat of harm, to the Hudson PD. Post it on social media and expose him. No bullies allowed! Nail him.

  7. Didn't a similar event happen when someone was taking pics of the old library from the sidewalk?