Monday, March 11, 2019

What They Were Worth Then

Yesterday, while searching for something else in the database of old newspapers at, a reader discovered an article about property assessments that appeared in the Hudson Register on August 4, 1941, and shared it with Gossips. I publish it today, along with an unrelated photograph that also appeared on the front page of the paper that day.

The caption, which is hard to make out, reads: "A New York filling station attendant glances at his watch as he fills a motorist's gas tank just as the government-requested curfew goes into effect for voluntary cessation of gas sales from 7 P.M. to 7 A.M. as the sign in the foreground indicates. There was no immediate indication whether compliance would general in the 17 designated Eastern seaboard states from Maine to Florida but a majority of station owners instructed their attendants to observe it."

The photograph and its caption provide background about the state of things just months before the attack on Pearl Harbor. The article itself provides information about who owned Hudson buildings in 1941 and the assessed value of those buildings was--information that may be of interest to the current owners of the buildings and anyone who is obsessed with Hudson and its history.



  1. Are the Warren Street house numbers the current numbers.

    1. Yes, they are. This was 1941. The numbers changed in 1888-1889.