Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Before There Were Malls and Stewart's

A reader just alerted me to this picture, recently scanned and added to the collection of photographs by Howard Gibson at PhotobyGibson.comIt shows the intersection of Green Street and Fairview Avenue, looking south, in the 1960s. 

The absence of cars suggests this picture was taken before the strip malls of Greenport were built, a process that started soon after the Healy farm was sold to developers in 1965. It shows the site before Stewart's took over the corner from Standard Oil in 1972. (The gas station there at the time is barely visible at the right.) 

This was how the corner looked in 1968, when the City of Hudson adopted its zoning and designated this neighborhood R-2: one- and two-family residences.


  1. The photo of the Green and Fairview intersection shows a palpable sense of order and caring that is totally missing in the"urbanization" of the corner.

  2. Remember the days a gas station sold gas only? Maybe 1 pump. Explains why it's barely visible in this shot.
    Thanks to city planning (eh,lack of) fast forward to 2019. Carte blanche! Prime example of corporate entities targeting towns' vulnerability. Erstwhile, gutting neighborhood integrity. Forever.
    Today's 'sophisticated' city planning solution? Rub more salt in the wound. Pumping more than gas, tons of unhealthy but profitable consumables. Mindfulness, please.