Tuesday, March 19, 2019

"Deconstruction" Abandoned

This afternoon, I went to check on the deconstruction of the old Hudson Orphan Asylum and discovered this.

Whether intentionally or because of an unanticipated collapse, the meticulous deconstruction and salvage of materials seems to have been abandoned in favor of a more brutal knock down. 


  1. I was there around 4:20 and saw the staircases that were dangling. Could only imagaine the number of footsteps they held during their utility. I look forward to hearing what occured today.

  2. I drove by it at least 6 times. There was no meticulous deconstruction. They were just knocking it down. They did everything but use a wrecking ball.

  3. What a sad day for Hudson. It's not just that a historic building was torn down; plenty have been. But this "brutal knock down" happened in broad daylight, after years of lobbying by many people to stop just this kind of destruction; it happened in full view of a Historic Preservation Committee that was created to stop just this sort of destruction. What has gone wrong with this town?

  4. Actually, when i was watching the demolition, i thought how well it had been built and how hard a time they were having wrecking it.

    its a shame to see it go.

  5. keep swingin that bulldozer arm to the west and get rid of that ugly house that the city can't seem to rid itself of.