Friday, March 8, 2019

The Mayor Comments on ICE in Hudson

Earlier today, Mayor Rick Rector released the following statement about the incident that occurred in Hudson on Tuesday.

As you are probably aware, there was an ICE activity in Hudson this past Tuesday. I stated to the Register-Star at the time that I will continue to discuss and review any new information as it comes out. I encourage anyone with information to come forward directly to my office.
I have met with Bryan MacCormack of the Columbia County Sanctuary Movement and Chief Ed Moore of the Hudson Police Department and will continue to meet with them and others to review and discuss what occurred on Tuesday.
As a member of the Common Council two years ago, I both supported and voted for the "Welcoming and Inclusive City" resolution that was adopted by the Council. I continue to support it and will do what is necessary to ensure it is being upheld in addition to doing all I can to ensure the safety and security of all residents and visitors to our community.

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