Thursday, October 29, 2020

Be Careful Where You Park This Weekend

According to, we may get a few hours of snow tomorrow, but since the temperature will never go below freezing, it's unlikely the snow will amount to anything more than a dismal, sloppy mess. 

Still, in an abundance of caution, Mayor Kamal Johnson announced on his Facebook page today that alternate side of the street rules for overnight parking, which he suspended on October 15,  will be back in effect this weekend. 

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  1. So on Thursday we were expected to check to see where we could park on Friday? In the middle of an autumn month when one would not logically expect the parking rules to change? If we had been hit by a big snowstorm that built up on the streets and required street plowing, I can imagine checking to see where parking was allowed. Not on a day that by midday turned sunny with the streets completely clear, at all times.