Saturday, October 31, 2020

If You Missed the Chance Last Sunday

If you didn't make it to Historic Hudson's open day at the Dr. Oliver Bronson House and Estate last Sunday, you can catch up on what you missed and learn about Historic Hudson and its advocacy for this National Historic Landmark and the proposed public access park on Trixie's List: "The Dr. Oliver Bronson Estate." 

Photo: Starr Whitehouse Landscape Architects


  1. I went to the Historic Hudson website to look for the map of what is proposed for the site, including the trails and bridge, and was surprised to find nothing. Is there a link to it anywhere? I was also surprised that 1.5 million has been spent on restoration so far. Obviously it is a very expensive exercise, unless much of that sum represents overhead.

    1. The Historic Hudson board is a small but loyal band, Steve, and no one has had a chance to update the website since Sunday. But I published the map here on Gossips on October 25 and it is also included in the post on Trixie's List. Just scroll down to find it there.

      Overhead? What are you suggesting, Steve? Rescuing and restoring a historic building that was abandoned for more than 30 years is a long and expensive proposition.

  2. Thank you for this post, Carole. I just watched the Trixie's List video. Enjoyable and informative.

  3. Thank you Trixie and thank you Carole, for this informative follow-up. It would be breathtaking to have a park so close to Hudson - and a beautiful one to boot! I know it's a long range project, but you ARE making progress!