Saturday, October 17, 2020

Cuomo Today on COVID-19

In a press briefing today, Governor Andrew Cuomo explained New York's new micro-cluster strategy, which focuses on specific targeted localities. 

The strategy involves more testing and more targeted testing in specific areas of the state that are seeing higher rates of infection and is designed to be more responsive and less disruptive. The implications for us in Columbia County are that, in the past, the significant rise in infections somewhere in Albany or, as we're seeing now, in Greene County could potentially shut down the entire Capital Region. With the micro-cluster strategy, the response can be calibrated to the specific targeted locality.

In his press briefing, Cuomo shared these line graphs, which should make all New Yorkers feel relieved and self-satisfied. They plot the number of cases of the coronavirus, from the beginning until now, in New York State as compared with the rest of country.

Cuomo also announced that starting Friday, October 23, movie theaters will be allowed to reopen in the parts of the state where the infection rate remains below 2 percent. Theaters will be limited to 25 percent capacity and no more than 50 people per screen in multiplex theaters, and there must be assigned seating. Greene County, where the positive percentage rate yesterday was reported to be 3 percent, was specifically mentioned among the places where theaters will not be allowed to reopen. 

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