Thursday, October 15, 2020

News from the Hudson Housing Authority

At the Hudson Community Development and Planning Agency (HCDPA) meeting on Tuesday morning, Rebecca Wolff shared the news that Randall Martin was resigning as chair of the Hudson Housing Authority Board of Commissions and a new chair would be elected at the next HHA meeting, which was to happen the following evening. The meeting, which took place in person at Bliss Towers, was to be livestreamed, but alas, after four minutes of random chat as masked members of the board arrived and took their seats--not, it appeared, the requisite six feet apart--the livestream switched to a video recording of open mic night at Helsinki Hudson. After three tries, with the same result each time, I gave up and took Joey to the dog park.

The outcome of the election was reported today by Aliya Schneider in the Register-Star: "Balle elected new head of Housing Authority board." Marie Balle was appointed to the HHA Board of Commissioners in 2018 by Mayor Rick Rector. As chair of the HHA board, Balle will also serve on the board of the Hudson Development and Planning Agency. 


  1. The Oct HHA Zoom meeting webcast was temporarily interupted when a wire to the webcam was accidentally kicked-out and the Youtube link was reset. To see the full meeting go to -

  2. Congratulations to Marie Balle and the HHA Board. Marie is a great choice. She's a creative thinker, and takes her role on the Board very seriously. Good things can come out of this.