Sunday, October 11, 2020

Twenty-three Days to Go

Gossips doesn't often wade into national politics, but I am inspired to do so this morning. It began with reading that yesterday, at a rally at the White House, Donald Trump urged a few hundred of his supporters, "We've got to vote these people into oblivion."

Photo: Samuel Corum|Getty Images
What moved me more was Mara Liasson's summary, on NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday, of Trump's behavior during what she described as "a wild week even for the president." What she said is transcribed below. It can also be heard here.
  • He pulled out of a relief bill and then decided he wanted negotiations again.
  • He pulled out of the debate.
  • He criticized [Michigan governor] Gretchen Whitmer after it was revealed she was the target of a kidnapping and perhaps murder plot.
  • He called on his Attorney General to indict Barack Obama and Joe Biden.
  • He called on his Secretary of State to declassify thousands of Hillary Clinton's emails.
  • He called Kamala Harris a "monster."   
I share this without comment, except to say it is both mindboggling and very frightening.

And then there's this, which appeared in the Boston Globe yesterday: "Please. Just make Trump stop."

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